Thursday, July 14, 2011

the end of an era.

Waiting a week to see this with buddies, can't wait!
Yo momma is so fat her patronus is a cake!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

busy sunday

Such a busy day:
1. We clean the apartment completely.
2. Selected the photos from our wedding to finally hang up on the wall [We've been here for over a year!]
3. Played 3 rounds of badminton and are crowned champions.
4. Finished tons of laundry

1. Do our jogging
2. Print the wedding photos and set up the collage
3. Come back home and unwind

Friday, July 1, 2011

Today's topic: Makeup looks I love

Bold eyeliner with smokey eye: Fierce!
Low key neutral pastels with a soft pink lipstick. Too bad I am not fair skinned as she is nor do i have intense blue eyes to compliment my make-up. This would be nice for a bridal look.
I don't normally wear purple eye shadow but I love how it looks here, so pigmented with great lipstick and hair.
Another smokey eye with nude lips. She looks so clean, well polished, I mean.
Tropical hot lips and bright eyes on top!

summer movies

These are my ratings for the movies I've watched thus far this summer. Thor was a good introductory movie to a marvel character not as popular as the ones we've come to see on the big screen. Cheers to Chris Hemsworth, a fine specimen. James and I were big fans of the first Kung Fu Panda, however we were disappointed of its sequel. With its humor more geared towards a much younger audience despite Jack Black's appearance in the film, the movie didn't live up to expectations. However the ending concludes there will be a third installment which we will go watch. I was always wary of X-Men First Class due to casting and costume design. The standout actors are James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender and the rest of the cast were pretty dull, which distracted me from enjoying the film. Good parts here and there but not enough to enjoy the film overall. Super 8 was a big surprise. With such a young cast, I couldn't believe how convincing they were. It was a good plot, that keeps you hooked till the end. Not a big fan of Transformers, I went to check it out anyways. Results in: A horrific drawn out film that lacks luster. Do not see!

wake up, wake up, wake up, its the first of the month

Seeing that I'm off from work for a few weeks, I've been:
  1. concluding season 6 of The Office
  2. finishing up season 8 of The Cosby Show
  3. re-watching the Star Wars Saga 
  4. exercising
  5. anticipating Becca and A.J.'s arrival